Way behind the 8-ball

So, I’ve admittedly fallen behind on my posts. Not an excuse; just a reality! I stopped last night to think about where all of my time has gone; and, well, most of it has been lost to the summer. Work, fun and events: The week only has so many hours, right?

On a positive note, I finally got new debit cards and checking accounts open — so the days of writing checks for groceries and books have finally come to a close. I did receive notice last week, however, that one debit card was being deactivated and reissued next month, because of a suspected security breach. Well, I don’t stand surprised! As the issues with my electronic devices continue — the headset is still on the fritz and the new digital camera I bought suddenly stopped working — I take comfort in the fact of at least knowing about the expected debit debacle. Knowledge is power, I suppose.

This week, I’m super-focused on work, as I prep for a three-month stretch of business travel and speaking engagements. I just completed a 48-slide presentation for an upcoming credit union show, and I’m super-psyched. All of the information is informative, and taking a day away from the chaos of the office to focus and hone made all the difference. I actually think I’ll shed some light on some new technology, innovation and financial transactions that can benefit the industry and the consumer!

Stay tuned for more later — get the rabbit ears and satellite ready!

Here’s to happy blogging!

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