Viruses, ATM cards and cell phones …

<<<<Hacker’s Delite!>>>>

Well, I’ve had quite the half-month. In addition to living without my Crackberry and ATM card for nearly two weeks, my laptop seems to have been infected by one of the famed/infamous North Korean viruses — at least that’s the assumption I’m operating under, since neither I, nor anyone on my company’s IT team, has ever seen anything like it.

Yeah, figures!

This malware has latched on to every root in my system, despite Symantec’s feeble attempts to quarantine the little trojans. Bruce Schneier, a security blogger I pick up from time to time, has posted a few bits about the viruses. But take it from me, they really are malicious.

So much for my blog about living without cash, eh?

All of my moaning and groaning over the last three weeks about having to write checks at Border’s for book purchases (Can we say 1955? Writing checks at the checkout! Really!), since I was without debit (and thus the ATM ability to withdraw cash) as well as credit, have now been overshadowed and muffled by the death rattle of my fallen laptop. May she rest in peace!

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