My parents had Farrah, but I had Michael

Wow! June 25 will go down in the U.S. history books as being the day the music died! No doubt about it. Michael Jackson: A legend, an icon, the epitome of all that is good about and wrong with the Gen X pop culture. The rest of the world likes to criticize the U.S. for its plastic, commercialized existence. What the rest of the world does not realize is that our existence really is not *all* plastic. The immortalization of certain American characters has actually pushed us as a people to say: We have talent and can do anything! Well, at least that’s the message I got as a 10-year-old fifth grader, when I got the much-desired ‘Thriller’ tape for Christmas … 1984, I think. For everything that Michael may have been — good and bad — I will remember him as the one-glove-wearing, Moonwalk-sliding, hip-hop master that he was! Good rest his soul … and I am praying that his children find a good home, and are not sucked into a custody vortex!I also must say good-bye to Farrah Fawcett, whose image adorned many a posters on my dad’s birthdays when I was a kid. Another icon gone!

What a sad day … and, btw, I don’t typically give the celebs any props!

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