Just when I thought everything was set …

This learning to go with the flow stuff actually works, I’m quickly finding out. Yes, unexpected events and trials have a way of creeping in. Although I sometimes wonder if on my quest for adventure I don’t subconsciously create chaos … just to add a little excitement to my day.

Here’s a brief update:

After a week and a half in Africa, I returned the States a bit worn from the road but with a rejuvenated spirit. Frantically, I prepped for my trip to Toronto, which would carry me across another border in just more than a week.

The time quickly passed and I found myself on Wednesday back in my car, bags packed, driving to the airport. The fligtht to Chicago was on time, comfortable and, for lack of a better way of putting it, the same ole same ole.

But once I arrived in Chicago, the tune changed. A flight delay led me to the ticket desk, where I had a traveling epiphany! Waiting to check with the Southwest agent about my delayed flight, I noticed that the flight I was soon to take was being routed through Phoenix and then Sacremento. Odd, I thought. And then it hit me …

Yes. I had booked a flight to Ontario, Calif., not Toronto, Ontario, Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The room, a dealQuickly, the Southwest agent, who reminded me that Southwest has not yet begun flying internationally — a fact I knew but thought had changed recently — helped reroute my bag and me to Buffalo, where I caught a bus and crossed the border. I made it, albeit six hours later than I had expected. Ah well. Taking a Greyhound into Canada added some color to my day … and some interesting goings on at the border check — where we de-bussed and were visited by dogs.

Good times, indeed!

And just when I thought I would have time to get caught up on the stories from Africa I have yet to share, I have new adventures flooding my consciousness.

kitchen.jpgSo, to keep it brief, the work is finsihed, the keynote I gave went well, and all is right with the world. I scored a stellar hotel on Priceline for a very decent fare for a bit of an extended Toronto stay. I’ve posted some pics, just to rub it in. I’m in DT Toronto!

desk.jpgToday I head to Niagra. Should be fun.

Until the next traveling post …

Keep it real!

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