Finding mystery, and taking in the sights and sounds

My travel buddy, Dana, says everyone who comes to Marrakech looking for mystery finds it. She read that somewhere — something profound someone said, and it’s actually true.

Mysteries: Sometimes the water works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes the streets are illuminated with street lights, sometimes they are not. Some roads lead you where you expect, sometimes they don’t. And just when you think every 20-something man on the street is trying to rip you off or pull a scam, one or two come along and surprise you with a comforting word and a helpful hand. It’s a very intriguing place … one that I like very much.

The mystery for me started with my inability to use my ATM card. Long story short, my bank has blocked Morocco — a fact unbeknownst to me until *after* I got here. How ironic — since my daytime/full-time gig is to write and edit for an online publication dedicated to ATMs.

I took all the necessary precautions — I called my bank in advance, etc. No one told me I was blocked until, well, I got here and no cards worked. Thank God for AmEx! And I never thought I would say that about a credit card company! AmEx agreed to send some $$ to a Western Union office, and charge me no fees! Keep your fingers crossed that I can get the money today or I will be, shall we say, up the creek without a you-know-what!

Thankfully, Dana has been covering me thus far on the cash-flow front, but she, like the rest of us, only has so much to give!

We’re heading out to the Atlantic today, so I’ll try to post more later. Internet and phone service are a bit shoddy, and we honestly have not had a great deal of time for much posting.

Bis Lama!

Tracy :)

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