Enjoying the sites, at the James Bond hotel

I joked before I left for Marrakech that I might find myself in the midst of a scene similar to a James Bond movie. That has not really been the case, but the Golf Palace, where I’m now staying, comes close to being a James-Bond-like hotel. It’s lush, and I plan to enjoy the pool a bit today, once the conference wraps … I also hope to have some time to get in more blogging and journal writing. Well, I also need to do some reporting, perhaps poolside!

Just a few highlights: The gym here, which I’ve visited twice, has an incredible view! While on the treadmill, one can see the mountains through full-length windows that run from ceiling to the floor. Techno music booms and an area in the center of the workout area is dedicated to step and kick-boxing classes … which never seem to be going on while I’m there, but that’s OK. I have my own routine. The coolest bit about the gym, however, is that personal trainers are on standby to offer workout tips and monitor the heart-rates of the guests.


To the right: A view of the facade of the entrance to the golf course lounge and check-in. (Thought my brother would enjoy this one. The Palmaraie has, shall we say, an uber golf course!)

And the scene from the lobby, which is always accented with the sounds of a flute player or a Moroccan singer, complement the ambiance well. Birds also abound — everywhere!golf-course.jpg

To the left: A view from the wall of the golf course of the “new” city, meaning outside the medina or city walls, with the mountains as a backdrop.

What can I say, it’s close to paradise. It’s been busy here, but I’ve gotten some rest in, thankfully! Sleeping has not been much of an issue. Perhaps it’s all the sun I have been getting. I hope the boss believes me when I tell him I really have been, um, covering the conference. It’s just impossible not to get a tan-line. The sun and heat are very intense, but so are the moon and the evening breeze. I’ve never seen such an incredible view of the moon!

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