Death, evaporation … and same ole sayings

So, December and January did not treat me so well. I finally understand what pure exhaustion is! After traveling for the better part of six months (save for the month of December, when I was consumed with Holiday goings-on), I finally hit a wall. I’m off the road until June, so I’m starting to chill, think, write … without the underlying weight of worrying about all the prep I need to do for the next trade show or work event. I still have work on the mind, but at least I have time for other things, like blogging.

In my last post, I wrote about my fellow bloggers. I haven’t had the energy or will to come back since then, feeling the need to evaporate for a while. My friend Cheryl — one of the most special people I have ever come to know — passed away in late January while I was traveling in Germany. Her death took me by such surprise, and my soul was burdened by the fact that I did not learn of her passing until my return to the States.

News of her death, coupled with the deaths of the parents of two of my closest friends, has been a bit draining.

So, I evaporated for a while.

I will really miss Cheryl! We met for coffee the Sunday before I flew out — and she really encouraged me to work on the blog and to get other women involved, herself included. She was so excited about getting her business name out there again, developing her blog and Web site, and continuing her efforts to help underserved women in Uganda. We had so many plans … I was taken aback when I learned she would not be here to fulfill any of it. But I now realize she probably shared all of that excitement and energy because she wanted to continue encouraging me, as she always did. She had been battling cancer for a long time, and I think she knew that meeting would be our last.

I just cannot say enough good about her!

Interestingly enough, I ran across a story last week on a fellow journalist’s Web site about work a Ky. doctor is doing in Uganda. So, perhaps, I will be able to follow up on some of Cheryl’s work.

We shall see.

I’m still searching for what I want this blog to be … and as much as I loathe the thought of writing about career and dating, the two might prove the best avenues, since I do have some funny stories and insights. When I first launched this blog two years ago, I wanted to make it a place for women to network — and oddly enough (back in December) an acquaintance suggested the same idea. So, I think I need to run with the idea to connect people, somehow.

Think on that for me, will you?

Cheryl used to always tell me to embrace the ‘mystery’ of life. So, I’ve added that saying to my repertoire, falling in line with …

Safety first

When it stops being fun, stop doing it

Live a little

(and) What’s Important Now

I’m now ‘embracing the mystery,’ and learning.

*****Oh yeah: The cat ‘Jazz’ still needs a home!

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