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New technologies and some tried-and-true service

So today I’m writing about work — well I’m writing about my perspective on the stuff I write about for work. I’ve been infused, invigorated and inspired with some much-needed creative bursts — likely triggered by my company’s expected launch of a new mobile-banking portal. I’ve actually enjoyed thinking about what this site could be and how I can work to fulfill some personal goals or missions through the site’s story angles and coverage. In my last post, I mentioned Uganda and underserved women there whom a friend was trying to help. (And when I write ‘underserved,’ I mean underserved …

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Death, evaporation … and same ole sayings

So, December and January did not treat me so well. I finally understand what pure exhaustion is! After traveling for the better part of six months (save for the month of December, when I was consumed with Holiday goings-on), I finally hit a wall. I’m off the road until June, so I’m starting to chill, think, write … without the underlying weight of worrying about all the prep I need to do for the next trade show or work event. I still have work on the mind, but at least I have time for other things, like blogging. In my …

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2010: OK. So I’ve been a slacker … I admit it!

@World. I apologize for being a slacker, letting the spiders and dust mites overtake my blog. What can I write? Life has gotten in the way; and I’ve suffered from writer’s block, lost direction and an overall lack of interest in trying to come up with something interesting to write about. Well, that’s all soon changing, since I’m working to spearhead a new effort. First, I’m thinking about the direction this blog should take. I’ve added a couple of other writers to my team. One is a flight attendant for a major U.S. airline; the other is a poet and …

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Suffering from writer’s block …

12:38 p.m. ET. I have two stories to file by 4 p.m. No words have manifested. A digression: The blog. I’m listening to another journalist in the newsroom complain about a so-called quote she received from a CEO — a quote that has obviously gone through the marketing and PR departments, and now reads so *canned* that I could probably sell it on my blog as “the quote you need when your business is going under.” It’s a reporter’s worst nightmare. Perhaps I will find some inspiration from the agony of PR-speak and canned quotes, even if I feel it …

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The day after Derby

Tracy’s log: May 4 — The day after Derby! I don’t have a great deal to report today. It’s a relatively lazy day in the Bluegrass. Personally, this week will be a busy one … for work, life and YPAL. Speaking of YPAL, we have an advisory lunch coming up this Friday. Be sure to check out YPAL’s Web site to register and learn more!

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