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Landing at the resort, Golf de La Palmeraie

While Marrakech has been a great place for alcohol-cleansing, it’s not been so great for sugar-cleansing. I guess that’s to be expected, given that sugar is one of Morocco’s primary cash crops and exports. Sugar and honey are in or on EVERYTHING! I guess that’s why the bees are always buzzing around. I don’t mind it, though. I just topped off two or three little pastries in typical Marrakech fashion. The walking has offset the intake, though, I’m sure … thus, I am not too worried. Being in a Muslim country has been interesting. And though I understand Marrakech (and …

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Marrakes(c)h Express

The final countdown: I leave for Morocco tomorrow and plan to blog about my trip from the road. If the Internet gods cooperate, and my site allows me to upload new images, the updates should be free-flowing … and I should be smooth-sailing! After a quick 24-hour trek, I’ll be in Marrakech sometime Friday morning, local time, of course. Wish me well!

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