Capt’s Log …

I have so much to share … so much is going on … I just want to vomit it all out in bits and pieces, but I won’t. I have not posted in a while, primarily because I’ve been out living life, working a lot and writing! All good stuff, but it has distracted me from the blog. Sorry, readers! I promise to do a better job, at least for the next couple of weeks!

I’m in San Diego, heading back to the Hotel Del Coronado, where I left two bathing suits when I checked out on Wednesday to hit Monrovia for a quick financial services presentation. Now I’m back in San Diego, at the Holiday Inn on the Bay, for some R&R until Sunday.

I have an exciting day ahead, but I don’t want to reveal too much now. Stay tuned … I’ll let you know later if it all works out!

‘Keep it sassy, San Diego … when in Rome’

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