Canada and greyhounds … WOW!

OK. I’m not quite sure where I was last July, but I was definitely not paying attention. (I was probably pulling weeds or something. Who knows?!)

Upon sharing my stories of travel mishaps — the most recent being my near-landing in Ontario, Calif., rather than the desired destination of Ontario, Canada — someone asked me about my greyhound experience, since I had to take a greyhound from Buffalo to Toronto. Puzzled by the Q, I went on a two-minute explanation and defense, really, of the bus service in Canada — how nice it is, etc.

Much to my surprise, the bus trips on greyhounds in Canada are not always so pleasant. I’m glad the head-hunting passenger who toured this July 2008 trip was detained, and nowhere near me on my trip. Now I understand why Greyhound keeps the Canadian bus line so cold … and prevents passengers from sleeping!


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