Back to work … with updates and minor annoyances!

So … I’ve returned from my 8-day trip to San Diego, where I delivered two presentations about financial services U.S. credit unions should be taking advantage of. If you’re interested, you can read all about the conference I attended on my job site, which I will just assume you know. Now I’m prepping for a crazy month of biz travel, which I am sure will fill me with all kinds of good blog posts!

The SD trip was great, since I did have two-and-a-quarter days for some R&R with some great friends from childhood.

I alluded during a recent SD-trip post to a celebrity sighting at the Hotel Del Coronado, where the Credit Union Conferences group hosted its event. I stayed there for three days and, of course, spoke with numerous insiders and outsiders while I was there. I caught wind of a not-so-publicized guest appearance that was supposed to take place on Friday. I was not able to find this guest (aka, Tony Curtis), but I believe my friend and I may have passed a tent where he was being honored on the DL as we road our bikes on the island. By this time, I had moved over to the Holiday Inn, since the work was over.
The quest was adventure enough for the two of us. It’s a good story to tell, if nothing else.

Now I’m back at the office, playing catch-up, but at least I have a tan and feel rejuvenated. That rejuvenation has, however, fed my lack of tolerance for office annoyances … like kitchen Nazis. They seem to rotate and change in appearance, but it’s always the same thing — worried about what I am prepping for lunch today.
Let’s see. I find few things more obnoxious! Granted, I admit that I often eat strange food combinations. But I don’t force anyone to share my lunch.

Yes, I like mustard with pretzels. Yes, I like to just eat the egg whites that surround the yolk in a hard-boiled egg. Yes, I eat broccoli rather often … and I do like to sprinkle flaxseed on my food. Yeah, I use the spray, synthetic margarine that probably is burning holes in my brain.

To me it’s akin to grocery shopping, when fellow shoppers take a moment to look in my cart. Really? I don’t care what you’re buying, so why do you care what’s going in my cupboard.

Sorry. I am digressing.

Back to more important issues … like the response I got to one of my posts, which, yeah, did occur quite some time ago.

The bathing suit law from 1975: You know, the one that restricted a woman in Kentucky from being on the interstate in her bathing suit, unless she had a club in hand. Well, it turns out that law was repealed some time ago.

Just keeping it real, readers!

So, I’ve got much more to share and more updates to post, once I get finished eating my lunch.

Ciao for now!

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