2010: OK. So I’ve been a slacker … I admit it!

@World. I apologize for being a slacker, letting the spiders and dust mites overtake my blog. What can I write? Life has gotten in the way; and I’ve suffered from writer’s block, lost direction and an overall lack of interest in trying to come up with something interesting to write about.

Well, that’s all soon changing, since I’m working to spearhead a new effort.

First, I’m thinking about the direction this blog should take. I’ve added a couple of other writers to my team. One is a flight attendant for a major U.S. airline; the other is a poet and relationship expert who pays the bills by teaching college English. Both are really close friends of mine from childhood, too, so I think we’ll be able to come up with some interesting and fun stuff to write about. They know me better than I know myself half the time, and I like to think I have the same ability to read each of them!

Here’s the issue: We’ve quickly identified topics of interest for the flight attendant and the professor. Traveling and hitting interesting off-the-main-drag hot spots will fill the former’s blog, while the struggles of day-to-day relationships and sex will make up the content of the latter’s blog. <<<<<You can CQ the flight attendant’s blog here …>>>>>

My blog? Well, that’s still up in the air.

My partners have suggested I fall somewhere in the middle, writing about my travels as a financial journalist … seasoning my posts with little bits about the struggles of managing life and a busy career, dating in the 21st century as a 30-something and keeping up with everything else.

Not that I have a huge following, but I’d be interested to know your thoughts. What should this blog be about, if not purely “Tracy”?

I also have another friend who’s interested in joining the team! You can check out her site here, where she shares thoughts about life, spiritual healing and just being a good person! (Thank you, Cheryl!)

*****OK. Enough about that!*****

On an entirely unrelated note, I got motivated to crank out a post tonight because of a call from a friend. Earlier this month I lost a special person, one who had been in pain and suffering for a long time. She’s in a better place now, but it’s still hard to accept, esp. for her two daughters, both of whom are in their 30s and (again) childhood friends of mine.

Their mom had a great spirit and was a big cat lover, like me. One of her cats, this groovy 2-year-old male named “Jazz,” needs a home. If you’re interested and live close enough to Kentucky to get the cat, hit me up on Twitter (my handle is @teekitty) or on Facebook. You can just message me there.

I’d add him to my crew, but I’ve already got three females crammed into an 1,100-square-foot townhouse. Crazy!

Thanks for reading!

Over and out!

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